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There are many reasons you may wish for the ability to track a specific person’s cell phone usage.  For example, you may be interested in keeping an eye on your teenager’s whereabouts and contacts.  You may be suspicious of a mate’s fidelity and feel driven to do some detective work to discover whether or not your hunch is correct.

Or perhaps you are a business owner that would like to make certain the business phone lines are being used for the correct purposes. There are situations that arise in this modern world that may drive you to take drastic measures in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and respected.

Whatever the reason, Highster Mobile may be the perfect solution for you.  It is a program that can be simply downloaded and will allow you to track the chosen target phone and have access to current and deleted text messages, call recordings of both sides of conversations, call logs, emails, browser history and GPS locations on that phone.  In essence, this program will allow you to be the cell phone spy you desire to be.  Let’s take a closer look at this program and give you a Highster Mobile review.

highster-mobileHow Highster Mobile Works


This program functions by attaining all of the information from the phone you are tracking and making it available to you on a secure online account.  You have the ability to view this information from your phone, computer or tablet.

Simply put, you will download the program, install it, and then be able to monitor the target phone’s activities.  This is a phone tracker system that is compatible with all Apple and Android devices.  You will have the ability to track virtually any phone secretly by using this program.

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Program Features


Highster Mobile Pro also allows you access to every text message created, even if they have been deleted.  You will see the complete message, the phone number of both ends of the conversation and the time and day of the correspondence.  This program stands out from other mobile monitoring applications because it has the ability to retrieve this information even if the messages have been deleted.

Another remarkable feature of this program is its ability to track the GPS location of the target phone.  The system works in real time and is updated six times a minute.  This is a feature that seems to be invaluable to parents who are trying to determine whether their children are going where they said they were going to go.  You can have access to a real map online that will allow you to observe the whereabouts of the tracked phone within two to five minutes of every movement.

This tracking software is simple, user friendly, and offers a live control panel to its users, which is a feature that makes this program stand out against competitors.  The live control panel allows you to access all the information from the target phone in a customized, real time basis.  It makes the work of monitoring simple, neat and easy to understand.  Some of the other remarkable features offered include a stealth camera that gives you the ability to take an image from the target phone’s camera!  You can also track Instagram messages, all Facebook activity and Skype conversations.

What People Are Saying About This Program


There is no end to the positive feedback people give to Highster Mobile.  Individuals claim the simplicity and user friendliness of the program are unbeatable.  There is an emotional story one father shares in which he thanks the company for giving him the ability to intervene in his teenage daughter’s destructive behavior and claims the software gave him the power to reach out to his daughter and help guide her behavior in a positive way.

Numerous users remark that this program is compatible with a greater number of devices than other cell phone tracker systems.  One user stated how impressed he was with the customer service provided by the company.  They are ready to answer questions and assist you in using their product, and are always reachable during regular business hours.

Cost of the Product


Highster Mobile Pro is available for download for a reasonable flat fee of  $129,99 $69.99.  There are no hidden costs or monthly fees, and once you make the purchase you will be able to download the software immediately and begin monitoring soon after.  This is a competitive price that includes all of the aforementioned features.  $69.99 is a small amount of money to pay when you consider the amount of peace of mind it may be able to provide for you.

Why to Make the Purchase Now


So if you find yourself up in the middle of the night worrying about things in your life that seem out of your control, remember this program.  You have the ability to take charge of situations that are currently making you feel powerless.  You don’t need to live in a constant state of unease, making guesses about whether loved ones or business associates are telling you the truth.

If you keep telling yourself to trust that all is well, even when you have a sinking suspicion that won’t go away telling you all is not well, stop that inner dialogue with yourself right now.  There is no need to suffer in the land of guesswork and wondering.  Put an end to your suspicions.  The truth, whether it be the best case scenario or the worst, really does have the power to set you free.  Highster Mobile offers you the best in mobile monitoring technology.

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  1. Andrew Wallien says:

    After having installed highster mobile app to the target phone, how to I begin to monitor the phone in question?

  2. Highster Mobile Fan says:

    After the application is installed to the target phone information is sent to either your email or cell phone, which ever you entered during installation.

  3. Danny says:

    Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.

  4. loidz says:

    This new for me but i wanted try coz i think its a nice app.

  5. zahra says:

    Wonderful program

  6. zahra says:

    This new for me but i wanted try coz i think its a nice app.

  7. Mark Highster Lover says:

    Hi Robin, You need to contact them via there support desk. You can also upgrade now to get there priority support which is a must as they have 1000’s of clients so support can be slow at times but the software is great and so is this site. Good stuff. I will share this with my Facebook group. Cheers Mark

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